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Organic Molecular Gins
Crafted in Cambridge


About Us

Founded by three Cambridge scientists and engineers who share a passion for food and drink, Linden Leaf Botanicals makes gins and essences which are crafted and tuned at the molecular level.

We find amazing new taste experiences by bringing together the traditional craft of distillation with state-of-the-art technology. Painstaking research allows us to tune the extraction process at the molecular level so that we pull exactly the scents and flavours we want from each ingredient.


Our Products

At Linden Leaf, we use the latest technologies to cold extract delicate scents and flavours from the finest ingredients: whether wild botanicals foraged locally, or rare delicacies from around the world.

We aim to make the best-tasting, most interesting gins on the market today: spirits which you can enjoy neat or on ice, but which also love the company of tonic. We also produce a range of Single Note extracts, showcasing a particular flavour or ingredient which we feel deserves a bottle to itself.


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